Simple Seated Yoga Stretches - Relieve Those Tight Muscles

Simple Seated Yoga Stretches - Relieve Those Tight Muscles


25 February 2016


Most people would know, or have experienced, that tight or lethargic feeling being heaped on their bodies after sitting in a chair for hours. The fact is, sitting for most of the day, such as at your desk, can be detrimental to your health – it stifles blood circulation while contracting front body, cramping the hips!

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When you are seated, try getting your blood flowing and your circulation going by performing some therapeutic stretches. Here’s my routine for reinvigorating the body and refreshing your mind - perfect for a quick stretch at your desk or even to relieve your tight muscles from the monotony of being strapped into your airplane seat or sitting around the airport on transit when travelling; basically whenever you’re seated for long periods.

Watch and follow along with me for a full set of exercises in the video link. It really is so simple! Next time you feel like grabbing a cup of coffee to wake yourself up, try these movements instead and allow yourself to breath and move, and you’ll be feeling good in no time.

1. Wrists - because we type a lot!

  • Stand up (you will immediately feel more awake!) and place your palms onto the desk or thighs. Fingertips should be facing outwards, opposite from each other. Softly lean over to the left and right to get the blood flowing back into the hands.
  • Place the tops of the hands on top of the desk or thighs, and lean back with soft elbows, stretching into the wrist creases.

2. Neck and Spine - to breathe better

  • Interlace the fingers and place the palms at the base of the head. Stretch up and out from the waist to sit up tall while opening the elbows. Stretching open up your chest and breathing in deeply – it feels wonderful.
  • Keep fingers interlaced at the base of the skull, and bring your elbows together and bring your chin to the chest. Curling everything inwards, focus on breathing into the back body.

Toes, Ankles, Hips, to Twist

  • Kick off your shoes. Place the right ankle on top of your left knee. Spread the toes and place your fingers between the toes to give them a good stretch. Rotate the ankle in circles inwards then outwards. Repeat on the other side.

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