Benefits Of RPM

Put Your Foot To The Pedal!


6 June 2016


Cycling is a great form of exercise and paired with music, it’s even more fun. From cruising to mid-tempo beats to riding like the wind to high-tempo, and some crazy beats to get you up those steep hills, RPM class is a great way to go through different terrains.

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Doesn’t quite sound like an indoor cycling class, does it? And that’s the beauty of it - each class will bring you through different terrains with different tunes and you’ll go far while being stationary (expect to cover anywhere from 25KM and more – depends on your level). Plus there’s the safety aspect of riding indoors, especially in a country that is not used to cyclists. And you’re safe from breathing in car fumes too.

The great thing about RPM is that no matter what fitness level you are at, you can join the class. It’s up to you to adjust the gear on the bike which governs the intensity. The trainer will also note that it is your first class and give you the option to stop after four tracks. Which I think is not only a kind and gesture, but is good practice too.

I’ve seen people of all fitness levels join the class, from beginners to obvious hardcore cyclists, and all get through it at their own pace. You don’t have to be shy at working at less intensity, cause no one can tell what gear your bike is on. So just join the class and do the best you can!

Listen To Your Body

If you have knee issues, this is complex. So really you can give it a try, as for some people cycling is fine but they can’t do movements like lunges. So it’s a matter of trying and communicating with the instructor.

If you have lower back issues, the long duration of leaning forward may be quite strenuous. However, again this can be managed by adjusting the seat and the handle bar so you can be in a more upright position.

Whatever issue you have, if you experience pain, then stop. And assess whether your body is ready for that certain exercise.

Benefits of RPM:

  • This is an awesome cardio class which will build on your stamina and endurance.
  • You will experience post-metabolic burn which means even after your workout, your body will burn more calories than it usually does. This is because of the nature of the class which is designed on intervals – for instance one minute you’re cycling up a steep hill at a slow and steady pace, and the next you’re cruising down a hill. This type of training elevates your metabolism as you exercise and keeps it running strong for hours after.
  • Cardio can sometimes be boring, but this class is far from that – with well selected music that has been programmed to keep you riding at your best and pushing yourself. Plus with a good instructor who talks you through, as well as sometimes sings and occasionally shouts – you will ultimately perform at your best.
  • We know exercise releases our ‘happy hormones’, and this class really leaves you happy for the rest of the day. Maybe it has something to do with the idea that you went on a long ride.
  • I personally find this class therapeutic, it’s what I call ‘active meditation’. It’s hard to sit down and meditate for 50 minutes, but get on a bike and cycle and you can get yourself in that zone. Whatever time of day you choose to do this class, it’s a perfect fit. In the morning, it sets the right tone for the day, in the afternoon it’s a great break from all the stresses, and at the end of the day, it’s a perfect wind-down.
  • You’ll burn a lot of fat in this class due to the duration of the class, along with the combination of resistance training due to the uphill climbs.
  • You can really tone and shape your legs!

If you’re planning on doing this in the mornings, it may be tempting to skip breakfast as you may be short on time but I would suggest eating something before doing this class. Or you could end up feeling quite light headed mid-way, or you just don’t perform at your optimum. Make yourself a jar of overnight oats for a quick, eat-on-the-go, nutritious breakfast. You can also have this any time of day as a pre-workout snack.