Our Star-Studded Valentine's: How We'd Spoil Our Celebrity Crushes

Our Star-Studded Valentine's: How We'd Spoil Our Celebrity Crushes


14 February 2016


Let’s admit that most of us, no matter how cool, sophisticated or jaded we are, have that one celebrity whom we adore. It can be a ‘weak-in-the-knees’ sort of admiration, or a ‘I-want-to-be-like-you’ type of adoration.

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Regardless of which it may be, we’d all love to be given the chance to meet these famous personalities.

So we decided to ask some of our PurelyB team members who their celebrity crushes are, and what healthy gifts they’d like to give them, or activities that they’d like to do with them – strictly rated G!

The Ones That Made The Cut


I would gift Ryan Gosling a “Join the Zumba Revolution” DVD set with moves and music from salsa, hip hop, belly dance, etc so he can mix up his usual workout style (and upkeep his six-pack the fun way!). Plus we’ve all seen and know he has the dancing chops and flair! (Who from the Mickey Mouse Club doesn’t?)
- Jesrina (CEO)


For Chris Hemsworth, who's always working out to keep in shape especially for his role in Thor, I'd treat him to a special massage session to give his muscles a break – a massage that is specifically designed for gym goers like him, which helps reduce some muscle tension and improve gym performance even more! ♥
- Stephanie (COO)


After much deliberation, I have decided to gift Channing Tatum with an appointment with Shmuel Tatz. Since Channing is a dancer, Shmuel Tatz’s approach to healing the body called ‘Body Tuning’ would suit him as just as musicians tune their instruments, the same is done for the human body. As Tatz says – “Only when the body is in tune can it function normally”. Happy Valentine’s Day, Channing… now you owe me a private dance class!
- Marissa (Health & Wellness Director)


I’d give Amanda Seyfried a Fressko flask. Why? So that when life gives her lemons, she can turn them into lemon infused water to maintain her healthy glowing complexion. :)
- Joey (CFO)


I’d take (instagram hottie) Dr Mike out to the Swiss Alps for a snowboard date followed by dinner under the stars.
- Kimberly (Business Development & Marketplace Executive)


Definitely Jessica Alba. I would give her a treat to a yoga retreat in Siem Reap - a great way to connect with nature, give back by supporting new charities in Cambodia and get inspired just by what lives she can change and experiences she can take home!
- Helenness (Influencer Engagement Director)


To balance out the gender difference, I would like to send a gift to my girl crush - Emma Watson. I'd bring her to Organica Lifestyle to sweat it out with Pilates, and have a healthy dessert at the end of the session while we talk about gender equality. In my dreams!
- Claire (Dietitian)


Chris Hemsworth! He’s very much a family man and both he and wife Elsa Pataky are fitness inspirations so I guess a huge (and I mean HUGE) trampoline for them and their three kids to have a good jumping time!
- Jean (Brand Partnerships Manager)


The crush that I would like to send my gift to is - Paul Wesley. I'd bring my celebrity crush Paul Wesley for a muay thai session for a workout so he can maintain his fine physique, as well as build his strength and stamina!
- Angel(Dietitian)


I would invite Leonardo DiCaprio for an outdoor activity as he is a man who cares about the environment and highlights issues such as climate change. I’d take him bouldering somewhere like Krabi in Thailand, then do a spot of tree camping complete with healthy meals.
- Jolene (Content & Partnerships Executive)


I'm torn between Johnny Depp and Will Smith. Pretty hard to choose, so I’d probably take either or both to an acroyoga class!
- Yuliya (Intern)

Now that we've shared our celebrity crushes and our would-be-gifts with you, perhaps you'd like to share your thoughts with us! Who is your celebrity crush and what would your ideal gift be? :)