One Pass, Unlimited Classes — Never Get Bored Of Working Out Again! PurelyB Tries GuavaPass

One Pass, Unlimited Classes — Never Get Bored Of Working Out Again! PurelyB Tries GuavaPass


7 August 2018


Long gone are the days of dragging yourself to the gym, feeling unmotivated to workout. With the rise of boutique gyms, the options are endless. And with so many classes to choose from, there’s only one pass that will give you access to them all — GuavaPass. Read to the end for an exclusive regional promotion on offer!

At PurelyB, our love for a good sweat sesh comes in many shapes and forms. We love a heart pumping HIIT workout as much as we look forward to winding down with yoga after work — so thankfully GuavaPass has us covered.

With its one of a kind access to premium fitness studios, exclusive events and community classes, GuavaPass is spearheading a fitness revolution you won’t want to miss. To check it out ourselves, the PurelyB team joined forces with GuavaPass making our way around some of the best fitness classes on offer in Kuala Lumpur.


Strike Kick at FIRE Station Fit

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Boxing-based workouts have taken the world by storm this year. With FIRE Station pioneering the ‘nightclub meets fight club’ movement in KL with Strike, it has since added Strike HIIT and Strike Kick variations to its list of boxing-styled classes on offer.

Geared up with our shin pads, wraps and gloves, we took to our aquabags punching and kicking our way through 6 rounds of intense combos. It was an adrenaline filled, full-body workout that got our hearts pumping, all in a speedy 45 minutes — workout for the day done and dusted!

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Vinyasa Flow at Omology Yoga

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Nestled in the busy shop lots of Plaza Damansara, Omology Yoga is a favourite amongst the local yoga community. In its sunlight studios, classes on offer such as Flow 101, Vinyasa Flow, Power-Core, Yang/Yin and Candlelight Yin cater for a variety of levels, making it suitable for everyone — whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner.

With busy days in the office, morning yoga is one of our favourite ways to get into the right headspace — after all, how you start your morning, sets your day. In our Vinyasa Flow class, we worked our way through a series of short sequences, stretching out our bodies as we set our intentions for the day.

Practising some of the more challenging one-legged poses, our flow tested our flexibility, strength, stability and endurance all at once. The sequence got our minds and bodies in tune and we left the class feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Screen Shot 2018 08 07 at 7.58.25 AM 3

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Force: Strength at FLYPROJECT

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With revolutionary spinning and boxing-based workouts under its belt, there’s no stopping FLYPROJECT as it continues to expand, adding HIIT and strength training to its growing list of classes. Strength and weight training have gained more mainstream popularity this year, so we had to give FLYPROJECT’s Force: Strength class a go.

The ultimate full body workout, Force: Strength revolves around a series of functional movements designed to improve athletic performance. From burpees to medicine balls slams, we raced against the clock as we made our way through the circuits. The class worked on our strength, power and endurance and was the perfect way to get the body moving after a long day at work.

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3 very different classes at 3 different gyms, there was nothing boring when it came to working out with GuavaPass. Whether it’s to start your day on the right note, to squeeze in that afternoon session or to unwind after a long day, GuavaPass has a class for every occasion. 

And because we want you to enjoy working out as much as we did, we’re giving you an exclusive regional offer on GuavaPass’ 4 Class Package — both for new and existing customers. All you have to do is use the promo codes below to enjoy the discounts. Let’s get sweaty!

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