Join Me On My Journey To A Better Body: Part 1

Join Me On My Journey To A Better Body: Part 1


7 December 2015


I have been writing for PurelyB for just under a year now and have always had my eye on the '21 Days To A Better Body' premium programme. Up until recently though, I’ve always considered myself to be quite a healthy eater and regular exerciser, so deep down I wondered if I really needed it.

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PART 1: Why I’m taking up the challenge

In the past few months however, two things have happened. Firstly we found out that we will be returning to the UK to live in December after 3 years of living in Malaysia. Secondly, I’ve found myself feeling fit but, if I’m honest, a little bit chunky. My clothes, the mirror and the scales are sadly confirming my suspicions. I’m a keen runner and have trained (and am training) for a couple of half marathons. I run a lot. When I tell people about my running I always end up thinking that they are thinking: “Hmm she doesn’t look much like a runner”. I am totally aware that they are probably not thinking that and if they are, and I’m happy then it shouldn’t even matter. The crux of the problem is that I am thinking that about myself and it’s my issue to own.

After losing my baby weight about 18 months ago, I can see that bad habits have crept back in. I know that I’m using my running as an excuse to eat anything and not acknowledging that that has limits. I’ve been eating on autopilot and adding in whole extra and un-counted meals whilst preparing the children’s food. I’m not far off the path, but I’m veering away from it no question.

Then there’s the ‘return home’ bit of my current frame of mind. I’m going back to my home country three years older, with one more child and a raft of amazing experiences to shape my character. I guess I want to step off that plane looking good for it. I want to hit the ground running with the energy and strength to start a whole new adventure.

It’s time and there is time, (though not much) to get myself a plan.

And so today begins my 21-day journey on PurelyB’s Kickstart to a Better Body Programme. Starting here and through a series of articles as I go, I’m going to share my experience with you. I hope you’ll stick with me throughout this journey and cheer me on to the finish line!