Editor’s Pick: My Favourite At-Home Workouts

Editor’s Pick: My Favourite At-Home Workouts

Image Credit:@melissawoodhealth

Time. Such a lucrative concept. The lives we lead are constantly busy, filled with never ending to-do lists, the need to constantly multi-task, social events, family time and full time work. So how do we manage it all? Well, we don’t. In the words of Sheryl Sanberg, author of Lean In and Option B, “done is better than perfect”. So, let’s just strive to do our best, and get it done.

When it comes to exercise, this is a non negotiable. Studies have proven time and time again physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost endurance. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When your lung and heart health improves, you have more energy to tackle chores big and small. So if exercise is your priority but you’re trying to find ways to fit it into your schedule, I present you the option of at home workouts. Extremely popular in the past few years, especially in the west, these workout routines can be done in your bedroom, with or without props, while your kids and pets are hanging around. No need to commute to the studio, no need to craft out time alone. Some of these workouts include sequences that can be performed with props such as weights, inflatable balls or chairs, but these can easily be substituted by anything you find at home like water bottles for weights, the wall for a chair, and so on. So here are a few I love - tried and tested - and highly recommended for the way it changes my body, how great it makes me feel, how easy it is to follow and stick with and how great these four ladies are in their general outlook on life


1. Melissa Wood Health - Melissa is founder of the Melissa Wood Health (MWH) Method and is a wellness enthusiast, plant-based living, pilates & yoga obsessed gorgeous girl who lives in NYC with her two babies. She’s such a delight to follow on Instagram - authentic, funny and kind. The MWH method now has an app of its own and guides us through quick workouts (anywhere between 5 minutes to 45 minutes) and includes movements derived from pilates, yoga and of course, her own creation. Her trademark hashtag is #longleanlines and she’s a big proponent of low impact movements that emphasise on breathing correctly, connection between body and mind and intention. It’s a holistic way of looking at working out; a lifestyle means to live a more connected grounded life, instead of simply a way to burn off those calories in guilt. The app is perfect for busy mommies who want gentle but effective workouts that don’t swallow hours away from your day.

Good for: low impact, pilates, yoga, body weight, equipment optional


2. Lek Fit - former professional dancer Lauren E. Kleban has studios in LA and a digital presence for the world to share. Her philosophy focuses on celebrating bodies rather than punishing them. Her technique includes well-rounded workouts that focus on multiple body parts. The three main types of classes are Hype (cardio on a rebounder or trampoline)  Boost (cardio & muscle sculpting) and Define (full-body sculpting mat class). Targeting the more subtle muscles, get ready to get drenched. A lot of her workouts revolve around the rebounder, so if this is something you can commit to, there’s nothing like it. Loved by celebrities like Busy Phillips, the method doesn’t only keep Busy in shape, but it is also used to maintain her mental health.

Good for: trampoline, high intensity, sculpting, cardio


3. Fit with Stef - Perfect for the person who’s looking to build muscle, tone up and for those who are gym-curious but just a bit lost. Founded by Stefanie Williams, her abs on Instagram are probably enough to get you motivated. The app separates videos by body parts, equipment, and even home vs at the gym vs outdoor training options. Although I have the least experience with Fit with Stef, I know many people who are regulars and are absolutely blown away by how amazing they feel (and look) after a period of time. 

Good for: strength training, gym routines, weights


4. Tracy Anderson Method - Made popular by the celeb world, Tracey Anderson has trained Hollywood A-listers like Victoria Secret Angels, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracee Ellis Ross and even Kim Kardashian. Tracey originally began in Los Angeles, but has quickly exploded around the United States and Europe and has workout videos you can follow online. To say she’s a fitness pioneer is an understatement. Her workouts include impactful movements that target smaller muscles that conventional workouts often ignore. Her online classes don’t come cheap however, but then again she has over 20 years of experience in crafting the ultimate lean body. Get ready to feel areas of your body you never knew existed and of course have a towel handy - there’s going to be a lot of sweat. 

Good for: low impact, sculpting, body weight, light weights