9 Best Places To Run In Kuala Lumpur

9 Best Places To Run In Kuala Lumpur


18 August 2015


Tired of running on the treadmill but have no idea where else to go? It’s time to shake things up! The great outdoors is calling for you with it’s plethora of natural sights, sounds and smells. And if you pick your cards right, clean and sweet fresh air!

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Simply head to one of these locations around Kuala Lumpur to get started. We must warn you though - running will never be the same again.

1. Desa Park City

Desa Park City is a new residential area north-west of the city centre which offers a gentle 2.2km loop around a picturesque lake. A quaint suburban setting and a favourite of many joggers, it’s family-friendly, perfect for beginners and surrounded by commercial amenities to tend to your needs.

2. KLCC Park

Conveniently located by the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC Park features a 1.3km jogging track covered with “EPDM.” This special surface increases the grip of your soles and ensures a comfortable run. Generally packed throughout the day with both joggers and tourists, KLCC Park is surprisingly serene. With water fountains dotted throughout and fitness groups on-hand to motivate you, it’s an ideal place to get active in the city.

3. Perdana Botanical Gardens (formerly Lake Gardens)

Situated just behind KL Sentral, the Perdana Botanical Gardens is a green haven to whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of the city while you’re still in the city. Keep in mind that this place is big (bigger than you’d expect anyway), so if you’re a first-timer, be careful about getting lost. It won’t let you down though with its vibrant mix of gardens, hills and stairs. You’ll also have a calming lake to take in at the end of your run.

4. Bukit Kiara

If you really want to make strides in your fitness, add in some high intensity running. And you won’t have to head far for that either. Make your way around the park at TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail) or run up the hill to get a good mix of jungle and paved streets.

5. FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)

Fresh, serene and full of nature, FRIM is a haven for trail running of all levels. Some routes are narrow and uphill, some are hard and paved, while others are long and flat. Our Health & Wellness Director Carina’s favourite trail takes you off-road and up a gentle hill in the deepest part of the jungle then continues along a flat, shaded path. The best thing is that there’s absolutely no concrete in sight!

6. Taman Metropolitan Kepong

Located near FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia), Taman Metropolitan Kepong offers a 3.5km running loop. With a variety of trails, each encapsulated with green surroundings and a mix of flat and hilly terrain, this is the ultimate way to mix things up with fresh air on the weekend.

7. Taman Botani Negara

Taman Botani Negara is great for interval training. As you make your way up and down the pavement, you’ll experience a feast for your senses passing Skytrex (a climbing adventure park), fruit trees, dams and even a cactus farm. This means that you’ll also be spoilt for choice for things to see and do after your run! While Taman Botani Negara is a great place for longer runs, the only issue is that most of it is covered in concrete.

8. Putrajaya

Although it’s easy to stay right inside KL, if you head a bit out of town, you will be rewarded. Long and flat running tracks await you all around the lake and through the heart of Putrajaya. And once you’re done with running, you can cool off with some watersports or simply hang out in the shade for a much-deserved picnic.

So tell us how you go with these nine running spots, and if you have any others that we did not mention, do share them with us!