7 Exercises To Get You Spartan Fit

7 Exercises To Get You Spartan Fit


19 September 2016


Completing the Spartan Race is doable by just about anyone. But the question is, how well do you want to do the race?

Marissa Parry, Nutrition and Fitness Expert from PurelyB and Tan Jeck Beng, Master Trainer from Fitness First have identified certain exercises that will help you tackle the race more efficiently. If you struggle to complete an obstacle, you waste a lot of energy, which will lead to fatigue. When you become fatigued, you become less efficient. Couple these two together – lack of skill and fatigue – and the race is going to be long and gruelling.

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The seven exercises that Marissa and Jeck chose comes from experience. Both have taken part in obstacle races, and for Jeck, this is his third Spartan race which will earn him the Trifecta. These exercises will train you for what you will face – rope climbs, wall climbs, hill runs, crawling, carrying heavy loads and not forgetting burpees (if you can’t complete an obstacle you have to do 30 burpees!). Remember, the will to win and the will to prepare are equally as important.

Another word of advice, is to have a supportive team, as this is the real essence of the Spartan Race. As long as you have awesome team mates, you’ll get to the finish line.

Good luck with your training and we’ll see you at the finish line!

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Tan Jeck Beng is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Coach and Master Trainer at Fitness First 1Mont Kiara. He specialises in training clients who are sedentary, teaching and educating his clients on good lifestyle habits which eventually leads them to improve their overall health and fitness levels.

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