5 Easy Ways to Make Running More Fun

5 Easy Ways to Make Running More Fun


29 April 2015


Oh running. It’s one of those things that can be either the bane of your existence or the love of your life. Maybe you run because you heard it’s a great cardio workout, or maybe you run because someone (a ‘friend’) conned you into a 10k, and now the clock is ticking and you still haven’t gotten off the couch.

Or maybe you just started but are finding it extremely hard to motivate yourself to lace up. It doesn’t matter, because the bottom line is, you want to run. Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

I spoke to Nutrition Coach Johanna Voss from Boston (and recently transplanted to Boulder, Colorado) about running. My friend, this woman is a powerhouse. She’s a healthy-eating, dry-humored, half-marathoner. We spoke about why she loves running and how to make running more interesting. If you’re one of those people who will only run when someone is chasing you, then listen to why according to Johanna, running it the absolute best!

  • It's easy to get started. You just lace up your sneaks and off you go.
  • All you need are sneakers (and perhaps a sports bra.) I love to travel and explore so I appreciate that there aren't a lot of necessary running accoutrements. If you want to drop lots of cash on running stuff, you absolutely can. But you don't need to in order to start.
  • I can run inside or out; in the rain and snow; or in sunshine and on sand.
  • It's social. Some of my best friends are my best friends because we run together weekly and use our running time to catch up on life and solve all the world's problems. And if you're looking for friends, there's no shortage of running groups, running stores and running partners to connect with.
  • Running is great, cheap therapy. For me, running is a great way to clear my head, get new ideas and inspiration. Actually most of my creativity + best ideas come when I'm running.

If you're just starting to run, then try a walk-run program. That's a training program that is a combination of walking and running and is a great way to ease into running. In fact, I know some great runners who've used a walk run program to train for the NYC marathon. Commit to doing it for just 10 minutes. You can do anything for 10 minutes. And then gradually, each week add on a minute or two. That's the way to start!

And of course, finally what are the five tips to make running more fun.

Partner up

Find a running partner, an accountability buddy. Or perhaps your neighbour's dog.

Accountability can be all you need to keep you on your running schedule. Not only can you push each other to show up but a little bit of competitiveness does wonders.

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Get swag

Buy a new shirt, pair of socks or sneakers.

Ever buy something new and can’t wait to break it in? Yeah, same thing.


Drive to someplace different than you normally run and explore a new route.

Perhaps the same ol’ route is what is causing you to get bored. Just changing it will also mean that you can explore and find new interesting things during your run.


Sign up for a Spartan race, or a tough mudder.

Like I mentioned above, a little bit (or a lot in this case) of competitiveness is a great motivator. Especially since you know when the date comes to compete, it’s do or die. Go!

Keep track

Download an app that tracks your distance and time.

It might seem like a tiny detail, but just watching yourself get better by keeping track of your progress feels great and is a great motivator! Try RunSocial, MapMyRun or Nike+ Running to start.

Good luck and keep running!