5 Boxing-Based Classes To Try in KL (PROMOS INCLUDED)

5 Boxing-Based Classes To Try in KL (PROMOS INCLUDED)


29 June 2018


Boxing as an exercise offers incredible physical and mental benefits, and is all the rage right now. Try a class today, stick with it and you’ll soon feel stronger, fitter and definitely more kickass!

Started by Apollo (according to Greek mythology), the god of the Sun himself, boxing is an ancient sport and was an event in the Olympic Games in 688BC. Traditional boxing is a sport between two opponents in a ring using a combination of strength, speed and coordination with the aim of knocking each other out. Today, elements of boxing have been integrated into fitness regimes so we’re not talking about classic pugilism, but classes that use basic moves and techniques.


Why you should try boxing-based classes:

  • Builds muscle
  • Enhances overall fitness
  • Lose weight & burn calories
  • Become more coordinated
  • Stress relief
  • Improves confidence
  • Teaches self-defence


Free Online Boxing Workouts

Before we tell you what studios to check out in KL, we acknowledge that some of you may prefer online classes for the moment. Here are number of fitness studios around the world are offering sessions up to twice a day for you to get your boxing on. So if you prefer to avoid group workouts for now here are some to take note:

Rumble - Rumble broadcasts on Instagram Live, and no equipment is necessary!

Box + Flow - these guys incorporate boxing plus yoga and their live streams on Instagram are twice a day during the week!

Work Train Fight - online boxing sessions are available for you on both YouTube & Instagram 

Try these gyms in KL offering unique boxing classes, which combine HIIT, body weight exercises and boxing techniques.


The Playground Fitness

Bee Sting 2

Bee Sting is the name of the mixed martial arts based class at this popular Bangsar gym. With the addition of kicks and knee work, you will be punching your way to total fitness through a series combos at different stations. Not only will you learn how to punch but also how to defend, making this class an all-rounded learning experience.

Apart from regular classes, there are also special kids fitness classes for 7 to 12-year-olds, which also incorporate some basic boxing moves.

playground box

Photos: The Playground Fitness


Retail level 2, Nadi Bangsar
6 Jalan Tandok
Tel: 03-2715 9295

Website: www.theplayground.fit/

Boxing Banners 01

The Playground Fitness trial promo valid for first time users only.


TRIBE Boxing Studio


Located in the heart of Mont Kiara, TRIBE specialises in boxing but not in the classic sense. Music is a major motivator with the studio’s surround-sound music system and different genres played according to which instructor is leading the class.

Enter the “Rave Cave” and experience its nightclub ambience as you box to the beat and work on getting your heart-pumping. Showing that fitness can be fun, TRIBE is intent on bringing boxing to the masses.



Photos: TRIBE Boxing Studio


Lot LG5-3 Arcoris
Jalan Kiara 4, Mont Kiara
Tel: 03-6411 7406

Website: www.tribebx.co

Boxing Banners 02



FIRE Station Fit

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One of the first gyms in KL with fitness classes that broke the traditional exercise mould with their fun, social classes; FIRE Station offers boxing in the form of Strike. Combining traditional boxing techniques and martial arts movements, this is where KL’s original ‘nightclub meets fight club’ movement began.

Now with the addition of Strike Kick and Strike HIIT, there are even more ways you can enjoy the boxing workout experience. Classes are 45 minutes long so even if you have limited time, you can easily do a class here!

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Ground floor, Plaza Mont Kiara
2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara
Tel: 017-337 4299

Website: https://my.firestation.fit/



01 FlyProject Interior matevaltr 12 1600x1121

 Photo: Prestige

While FLYCYCLE took over KL’s spin scene, the expanded FLYPROJECT now offers boxing-based classes such as their signature FlyFight and Fight HIIT in their DC Mall branch. Expect a full body workout that incorporates boxing techniques, combinations and body weight training.

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to boxing or something more intensive with extra HIIT intervals and more complex combos—there’s something for every level.


 Photo: @imaechua


Level 1 Lot 5, 6. 7, DC Mall
Damansara City, Jalan Damanlela
Tel: 03-2715 8220

Website: www.flyproject.co/



Untitled collage 3

Photos: LiquidCage Boxing

This uniquely named boutique gym offers heart rate-based boxing inspired classes melding shadow boxing, body weight exercise and aqua bag (water filled punching bags) combinations. Keeping up with the ‘nightclub meets fight club’ trend, LiquidCage also offers a heart rate tracking solution so you can keep track of your heart rate, calories burned and intensity levels


Verve Shops, Jalan Kiara 5
Mont Kiara

Website: http://www.liquidcage.com/welcome/

Header image credit: TRIBE Boxing Studio


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