3 Exercises To Prevent Ankle Sprains

3 Exercises To Prevent Ankle Sprains


2 January 2016


If you’ve ever sprained your ankle before, you’ll also have noticed how easy it is to sprain it once again. Left unchecked, this can become an incredibly frustrating experience of successive sprained ankles.

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Rather than leaving the door wide open for this to occur, you can prevent future injuries by investing a little bit of time each day into strengthening them. Here are 3 ankle strengthening exercises to get you started!

1. Single leg balancing

This may sound simple, but it works an absolute treat. Single leg balancing is one of the first exercises that you can ease into after spraining your ankles, and the best thing is, you can do them alongside other daily activities such as brushing your teeth, eating breakfast or doing the dishes.

Simply balance on one foot for 30 seconds (increase this when it gets too easy), then switch over to your other foot. Complete this exercise twice a day. If you’re having trouble balancing, focus on an object that is in front of you.

2. Resistance bands

Tie, or attach, a resistance band to a sturdy object like the leg of a bed or a table. Pull it out until the resistance band is tense, then hook your foot inside it. Pull your foot against the resistance band and towards you, using the tension as a counterbalance. Complete 10 reps and then repeat the exercise on the other side.

3. Heel drops

Heel drops are a great exercise to do once you have already spent some time strengthening your ankles and want to challenge them further. Plus, heel drops only require your bodyweight, so you can do them anywhere.

Start by standing on a step with your legs straight. Make sure that the balls of your feet are on the step, and that your heels are hanging off of it. Raise both of your heels up so that you are standing on the tips of your toes. Shift all of your weight onto the injured leg, then let your heels fall back to the starting position in a controlled manner. Complete 10 reps, then repeat the exercise, this time shifting your bodyweight to the alternate leg.