Debbie Ann Loh
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Debbie Ann Loh


As a teenager, the rich colours, textures and flavours of fresh produce in neighbourhood markets, grocery stores and cooking shows constantly fascinated Debbie. She then set out on a journey of discovering the relationship between food, behaviour, and health. With a major in Food Science and Nutrition, she later went on to complete her graduate studies in Medical Science, focusing her research on eating behaviour, childhood obesity, and the quality of life of adolescents. She soon discovered her interest in writing as opportunities to pen various public health topics came knocking on her door. Debbie then stepped out of her comfort zone when she forayed into the public relations industry, an exciting stint she will always treasure.

Food, fitness, fun, faith, family and friends grounds Debbie. While she tends to gravitate towards Indian food, fried rice, and chocolate indulgences, Debbie has embarked on her personal eating clean mission and continues to experiment within and beyond her home-kitchen. Her favourite workouts are on YouTube and she loves breaking a sweat with calisthenics (the closest she has got to her childhood dream of being a gymnast!) She unwinds with nature walks and gets an adrenaline rush from outdoor adventures. Community is at the core of Debbie’s life, which has taught her to have an attitude of gratitude. She is regularly involved in health promotion and community outreach programmes, causes that are close to her heart.

She resonates strongly with the health and wellness focus of PurelyB and looks forward to building and engaging with a community where healthy living is no longer the mantra of only health advocates and campaigners but a daily possibility for everyone.

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